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Dental Exam Fort Smith AR

Dr. Harper performing a dental examination on a client laying back in a dental chair at Harper Dental in Fort Smith, ARAt Harper Dental we have a team of accomplished dental practitioners whose sole aim is to ensure our patients leave our clinics with a broad and bright smile. Each of our treatments starts with a thorough dental exam that seeks to detect all the dental issues that you might have. We have state-of-the-art equipment for conducting dental exams.

A dental exam enables our dentists to plan for your treatment. Our dentists also do their best to take you along with them during the exam. They will explain the condition of your dental structures in detail and clearly outline for you what treatment procedures that are necessary. Below, we explore some of the conditions that our dentists usually check during a dental exam.

Overall Oral Health and Hygiene

Right from the appearance of your teeth and gums, our expert dentists can tell whether you’ve been maintaining proper oral hygiene. They will check your teeth for plaque buildup, and your gums for any signs of gingivitis. An intraoral camera will be used to check the hidden parts of your mouth. The intraoral camera allows you to see images of the inside of your mouth on a screen.

Our dentist will also check all your back teeth for any decay or signs of it. Many people do not realize they have tooth decay until the tooth starts stinging. An oral exam can help catch the decay at its early stages, and avoid severe damage to the tooth.

Bite and Jaw Problems

Bite and jaw problems, in most cases, cause the teeth to be misaligned. They can also cause what is known as TMJ (temporomandibular jaw) disorder. TMJ disorder is a jaw misalignment that causes discomfort or pain while you move your jaws.

Jaw problems are checked using x-ray images. Our clinics have the latest technology of digital radiographs that are more efficient when it comes to conducting these exams. The digital images of your jaw enable our maxillofacial surgeons to plan for any surgical procedures you might require if you have TMJ disorder.

There are many other diagnostic procedures that can be carried out during a dental exam. Each dental exam is different since different people have different dental issues. The exact diagnostic procedures carried out on you always flow from one procedure to the next. For instance, our dentists usually start with a physical examination, and the physical examination will determine the need for further diagnostics.

Diagnostic procedures that require specialists such as those involving the jaw are conducted by the respective specialists. General dentists will refer you to our maxillofacial surgeons for a continuation of the exam if they notice you have jaw problems. Those with damaged teeth that require special attention will be referred to one of our prosthodontists.

If you are having problems sleeping or breathing, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Please let us know during this consultation, as we may have to look into treatment, and oral appliance therapy.

Call Harper Dental at (479) 431-0280 today to learn more about dental exams, or ask any questions that you might have about dental health. We are an accomplished team of dental practitioners. We pride ourselves in our ability to restore smiles on people’s faces.

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