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Dental Technology

Dr. Mitchell Harper, DDS reviewing dental x-rays with a patient at Harper Dental in Fort Smith, ARAt Harper Dental we use cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with safe, fast, and effective results!

CEREC® - Same Day Crowns

CEREC crowns use an advanced digital mapping tech which utilizes Computer-aided design (CAD) with Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). These aid in the engineering of a detailed and perfectly fitting crown. CEREC will be recommended as a restorative dental service to rebuild teeth that may have been extracted due to abnormality, oral damage, multiple fillings, decay, infection, and other causes.

CEREC crowns are made of a high-end ceramic and are fabricated through a digitally enabled system. This system aids with the proper diagnosis of the space to be filled. It also accurately maps the shape, size, and physical characteristics of the former teeth to attain a perfect fitting and color blend. Unlike the traditional crown, CEREC doesn’t require any form of metal and enables a more natural look.

Digital Radiography

At Harper Dental we have state-of-art digital radiography equipment that we use to diagnose various dental health issues. Digital radiography involves the use of x-ray sensors that are connected to a computer system. Digital radiography technology has made the dental diagnosis process more effective, easier, and quick. The x-ray sensors are placed inside your mouth, where they capture images and transfer them to a computer screen.

Laser Dentistry

Nowadays, and especially here at Harper Dental, laser dentistry is considered a simple and effective way to eliminate or modify both soft and hard tissues in many dental procedures. Lasers have been around in dentistry for quite a while, but they hadn’t been considered a mainstream procedure in many offices.

Surprisingly to many people, laser dentistry is not only more comfortable but also more affordable than its alternatives for multiple dental procedures on soft and hard tissue. This is especially true when compared to drills.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a handheld appliance that is shaped like a wand. The tiny camera at the tip of the appliance takes hundreds of pictures per second to capture an in-depth and accurate image of your mouth. This image is sometimes used to create a digital impression of your teeth and gums. A digital impression is particularly useful for same-day dental crowns.

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Harper Dental uses cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with safe, fast, and effective results necessary to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for life.
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