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Dental Veneers Fort Smith AR

Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on toothHere at Harper Dental, we can provide veneers that not only improve the size, shape, and color of teeth but also mask cracks, chips, and breaks in your teeth.

Veneers are slim, laminated fragments of tooth-colored material that is usually made from porcelain, ceramic or a composite bonding substance. This material will be bonded to the front of the teeth to improve the appearance with an artificial yet natural-looking layer. Veneers can be attached to one single tooth, or several teeth and can last from 5 years to 20 years, depending on the material used and how well you care for them. Once fitted, your daily habits should not change, and your veneers should feel as natural as your real teeth.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are normally used to fix minor cosmetic issues such as cracks, chips or dents in the teeth. Composite veneers are also used by dentists for fillings and are composed while you sit in the chair. The dentist will build up layers of the material until it has the right shape, before curing it with a special light to harden the composite.

Composite veneers can be used for larger dental procedures, but porcelain veneers are better suited to large smile altercations. The large average span for composites is smaller than other options because they stain much easier, good oral hygiene and regular polishing will help extend their life.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are the most real looking and feeling option to natural teeth. They are the best option for those who want to improve the general appearance of the tooth or general mouth area. The veneers are crafted by technicians in a dental lab and can be minorly modified before being fitted.

Due to their 0.5mm thickness, porcelain veneers often require a thin layer of the tooth’s enamel to be removed so the veneers can fit perfectly and naturally sit in the mouth. With good oral hygiene and maintenance, veneers can last a minimum of 20 years, but many people find they last their lifetime.

Reasons for Choosing Veneers

While cosmetic tooth whitening may work well for many; it’s not perfect. It will not change the appearance of fillings and often doesn’t last for an extended period, especially if you are a smoker or coffee drinker. Veneers are the perfect option for people who want whiter teeth but perhaps have sensitive teeth or find the effects lasting poorly.

Wonky and crooked teeth can be fixed with veneers. While traditional braces are a great long-term option for kids and teens; veneers are great for adults who don’t want to go through the hassle and pain of braces and retainers. The dental veneers are molded over the tooth to make your teeth appear straighter and neater shape.

Because veneers are shaped onto your teeth, it allows you to fix little imperfections like gaps between teeth and misshapen teeth. You can add length or shorten the length of your teeth, easily creating your perfect smile.

Veneers are a great way of covering up general wear while helping retain the natural tooth. If you’ve chipped or damaged your teeth through wear and tear, teeth grinding or an accident, veneers can be used to repair the chipped tooth and make it look identical to before, or better.

If you have any questions about veneers, call Harper Dental at (479) 431-0280 today.
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