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Digital Radiography Fort Smith AR

Dentist displaying the results of a digital x-ray at Harper Dental in Fort Smith, ARAt Harper Dental we have state-of-art digital radiography equipment that we use to diagnose various dental health issues. Digital radiography involves the use of x-ray sensors that are connected to a computer system. Digital radiography technology has made the dental diagnosis process more effective, easier, and quick. The x-ray sensors are placed inside your mouth, where they capture images and transfer them to a computer screen.

Digital Radiography is preferred nowadays because it exposes patients to no more than the necessary amount of x-ray radiation. While traditional x-ray technology was not necessarily hazardous, it is important that you are exposed to as minimal radiation as possible in your lifetime.

Digital Radiography Equipment

Digital radiography encompasses a variety of devices. Each device has its functions and is used under certain circumstances. The goal is to ensure all the parts of your dental structures and anatomy can be easily imaged.

An intraoral x-ray sensor is one of the most used digital x-ray devices in our clinics. Our dentists use these sensors to take images of the inside of your mouth. The sensors are a replacement of the traditional x-ray films. They produce a better image quality and require less radiation.

At times, our dentists may need a single x-ray image of your full arch. This is referred to as extra-oral bitewing imaging. Digital Panoramic x-ray systems are the best when it comes to extra-oral bitewing imaging. Digital Panoramic x-ray systems use two arms that rotate around the patient’s head. One arm has the x-ray sensor, while the other one has a radiation gun.

For 3D imaging, our dentists use Dental Cone Bean Systems. These are quite similar to the Digital Panoramic x-ray systems. These are mostly used by our prosthodontists while they are planning dental implant treatment. They can be applied in endodontics and orthodontics as well. Dental Cone Beam systems are used to capture full-skull images that show the jaw layout.

All these devices require Digital Imaging Software. We have imaging software that is up to the required standard. The software makes it easy for our dentists to analyze the images captured. It is easier to compare digital radiographs than film x-rays. Also, digital radiographs are easily sharable. This makes it easy for our dentists to consult with other experts around the world.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

The benefits of digital radiography of traditional x-rays are quite evident. We already mentioned that these systems expose patients to very little radiation as compared to the traditional x-rays systems. The resulting images are also of much better quality.

Also, there is a variety of chemicals that are used to produce traditional film x-rays. These chemicals can be hazardous if mishandled. Digital radiography has eliminated the need for dental practitioners to get into contact with such chemicals.

We could go on and on about the benefits of digital radiography, but it is quite evident that technology has revolutionized the dental practice. Get in touch with us by calling Harper Dental at (479) 431-0280. You can ask any questions that you have about our dental technology. Our team is also always ready to offer help on any dental health concerns that you may have.
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