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Laser Dentistry Fort Smith AR

Image of technology used in laser dentistry at Harper Dental in Fort Smith, ARNowadays, and especially here at Harper Dental, laser dentistry is considered a simple and effective way to eliminate or modify both soft and hard tissues in many dental procedures. Lasers have been around in dentistry for quite a while, but they hadn't been considered a mainstream procedure in many offices

Surprisingly to many people, laser dentistry is not only more comfortable but also more affordable than its alternatives for multiple dental procedures on soft and hard tissue. This is especially true when compared to drills.

The word LASER is an acronym for light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. The laser tool emits light energy in a very focused beam. The result is a light that makes tissue react when it reaches it, allowing it to be removed or reshaped.

Procedure for Laser Treatments.

The main laser procedure in dentistry can be divided as soft tissue and hard tissue, depending on the tissue that will be worked on. If it's the teeth, it's considered hard tissue, and if it's the gums, the procedure is considered soft tissue.

Hard tissue procedures can help solve problems with the tooth. For example, using lasers to detect cavities can help find early signs of tooth decay. Moreover, when it comes to preparing teeth or dental fillings, lasers can help eliminate the need for local anesthesia since it's pretty much painless.

Treating sensitivity is another great use for lasers. They can easily seal the tubules on the affected tooth so it will no longer feel sensitivity for different temperatures.

Soft tissue procedures, on the other hand, can help treat different gum issues. So, if you have what is known as a gummy smile where the gums take up a larger part of the tooth, then lasers can reshape the tissue.

It can also lengthen the crown by reshaping gum tissue as well as bone for a healthier tooth foundation, which helps to place restorations on the teeth. Those with a dense or narrow frenulum (the skin flap that sticks to the bottom of the mouth below the front portion of the tongue) may find a laser frenectomy useful. This therapy enables kids whose limited frenulum leads them to be tongue-tied, have trouble breastfeeding, or have problems with speech.

Other Laser Procedures

Laser can also be used to observe tissue, so we're able to see the inside of the tooth or gum and even remove tumors from different places within the mouth without any pain nor sutures. Temporomandibular joint disorders can also be treated with lasers by reducing swelling around the joint.

Nerve regeneration, cold sore treatment, and teeth whitening are also among the list. Laser technology can aid in the regeneration of blood vessels and nerves that have been damaged, as well as with scarring. It can reduce healing time and make cold sores less painful.

For more information about laser dentistry or to schedule your first appointment, call the experienced professionals here at Harper Dental at (479) 431-0280 today! We look forward to hearing from you.
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Here at Harper Dental, we consider laser dentistry a simple & effective way to eliminate or modify both soft & hard tissues in many dental procedures.
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