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Orthodontics Fort Smith AR

Harper Dental offers professional orthodontic treatments for our patients.

To determine what would be the most appropriate age for you or your child to get braces, or what type of braces would suit you best, get in touch with our orthodontist in Fort Smith today to discover your options and learn more about the benefits of having teeth straightened.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that deals with straightening the teeth.

It's carried out by dentists who have undertaken additional training and use braces or aligners that gradually move your teeth into a straighter position.

Not only are straight teeth cosmetically pleasing, but they are also important for dental health.

Straighter teeth are easier to clean, improve jaw proportions and bite alignment (which in turn prevents future problems), and ensure the proper functionality of the chewing muscles.

We will take care of your orthodontic needs, as well as post orthodontic care, here at Harper Dental.

Traditional Braces

Treatment with traditional braces can take up to three years.

The clear, plastic brackets that can be used instead of metal can't tolerate the same pressure, so treatment with these may be slightly longer.

Clear Aligners

Time frames vary, depending on the severity of the malocclusion, and the length of time the patient wears their clear aligners each day.

Treatment times are usually shorter than traditional braces, ranging anywhere from 10 to 24 months.


Marketing information for clear aligners, such as Invisalign®, states that treatment times are quicker with aligners, requiring only six to 12 or 18 months.

However, this may be because patients who are suitable for aligners do not have complex cases, and the degree of straightening required is not extensive.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are fitted to the backs of the teeth and aren't as efficient as braces mounted on the front of the teeth for moving the teeth. Thus, patients with lingual braces tend to have longer treatment times.

Post Orthodontic Care

Professional orthodontics can drastically improve your life. Besides the obvious cosmetic benefits, a straighter, more beautiful smile can also promote better oral health and prevent potential problems.

However, it is important to protect your financial investment and time commitment after we correct your smile.

Orthodontics FAQ

What Is the Best Age for My Child to Get Braces?

The jaw is still developing from the age of 10 to 14 and this is considered to be the ideal age to have braces fitted on your child.

Fortunately, braces can be fitted at any age and some orthodontists may consider it beneficial to your child if they have them at an earlier age.

Conversely, it is never too late to straighten your teeth, and braces can be worn later in life into adulthood.

How Long Do Braces Have to Be Worn?

Every case is unique, and the answer is that it varies.

The main factors that influence orthodontic treatment include age, types of braces, the complexity of the case, and compliance with the treatment.


Age is not the most important factor. However, treatments tend to be quicker in children because their jaws and teeth are still developing, making it easier to shift the teeth into their desired positions.

Will My Child Need to Have Teeth Removed?

It is not always necessary for your child to have teeth removed before they have braces fitted.

Our dentist will determine whether your child may benefit from having healthy teeth removed if there is potential for the mouth to become overcrowded.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Painful?

Fitting the braces is not painful, although it does take some time to complete, which may be longer than your child is used to sitting in a dental chair.

Getting used to the braces may take some time, and your child may experience some discomfort each time the braces are tightened. This may make the teeth and gums feel tender and typically lasts for a couple of days.

Sometimes the braces can rub against the soft tissues in the mouth, but products such as dental wax may alleviate this.

Orthodontist Fort Smith AR

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