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Pediatric Dentistry Fort Smith AR

Young girl brushing her teeth.At Harper Dental we take immense pride in our pediatric dentistry. We appreciate the fact that proper dental care for children ensures they have a beautiful smile and oral health as they grow up. Dentistry for kids is a special field that not only involves treating the kids but also establishing a relationship and trust with the kids.

Kids are often scared of going to a dental office. Our Pediatric dentists put much effort into ensuring the kids feel comfortable while on the dental chair. It is recommended that you take your kid to for a dental checkup when they develop their first tooth or within their first two years.

Why is Dentistry for Kids Special?

Our pediatric dentists are well trained in dealing with kids. As mentioned above, pediatric dentistry goes beyond just treatment. It involves the behavioral aspects of kids and trying to impart good dental health practices in them.

We provide a very relaxing and playful experience for kids that come to our clinics. Our dentists have a keen focus on prevention rather than treating. Kids involved in sports are particularly vulnerable to dental problems as they get involved in accidents quite often. Ensuring that they don’t lose or permanently damage their dental structures is our priority.

Pediatric Dentistry Procedures

Children can develop dental problems just like adults. However, most pediatric dentistry procedures are meant to discover any abnormalities in dental structures development to ensure everything turns out right when the kid starts developing permanent teeth.

Children can develop dental cavities if their teeth are not properly cleaned. Bacteria can accumulate in their teeth and damage the kids’ teeth and gums. If the damaged teeth are left unattended, it can cause irreversible damages to the nerves. The cavities need to be treated as soon as possible. An extraction is needed in some cases.

Early Orthodontic care is arguably the most common set of procedures in pediatric dentistry. Our dentists can identify malocclusion or any other bite problems early and intervene to ensure the permanent teeth are guided into the right positions as they come out. Such intervention can prevent complicated and expensive orthodontic treatments later on.

At times, your kids might lose a primary tooth prematurely. It might be lost in an accident or as a result of an infection. It is important that space maintainers are fitted to hold the space for the permanent tooth. Note that when the tooth is lost prematurely, the permanent tooth will not grow immediately. Failure to insert space maintainers causes the teeth on either side of the gap to start drifting into that space. The space maintainers are removed when the permanent tooth starts erupting.

The Pediatric dentistry wing in our dental clinics is always a happy place. We make the kids feel at home, as we repair their smiles. Call Harper Dental at (479) 431-0280 today to find out more about our pediatric dentistry. Our pediatric dentists would certainly be glad to get to know your kid and help them develop the perfect smile.
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At Harper Dental, we appreciate the fact that proper dental care for children ensures they have a beautiful smile and oral health as they grow up. Call today!
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