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Pediatric Dentistry Fort Smith AR

It can be truly heartbreaking to see your child in pain. With dental pain, it can become difficult for children to eat, too, which is why quick treatment is important. Hence, it is vital to have a great pediatric dentist who can communicate and work with a child properly.

Your kids will find comfort and care when they have an appointment with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Mitchell Harper, DDS at Harper Dental here in Fort Smith, AR.

Pediatric Dentist Fort Smith AR

Pediatric dentists are experts in providing dental care tailored specifically to children. They offer a range of essential services to ensure your child's oral health. Plus, they know how to make children feel comfortable in the dentist's office since some kids might be nervous or scared about visiting the dentist. This is why we recommend going to an experienced pediatric dentist.

Here's a simple overview of the services a pediatric dentist can provide:

•  Dental Check-ups: Pediatric dentists conduct regular check-ups to monitor your child's dental development and address any concerns early on.

•  Dental Cleanings for Kids: A key service is dental cleaning for kids. This involves gentle and thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, keeping their teeth healthy.

•  X-Rays: When needed, pediatric dentists use X-rays to get a detailed look at your child's teeth and identify any hidden issues.

•  Fillings: If your child has a cavity, pediatric dentists can skillfully fill the tooth to prevent further decay.

•  Sealants: They can apply dental sealants to protect your child's molars from cavities.

•  Fluoride Treatments: To strengthen teeth, pediatric dentists may offer fluoride treatments, especially in areas with low fluoride in the water.

•  Orthodontic Evaluation: Pediatric dentists assess your child's bite and dental alignment, offering early guidance for potential orthodontic treatment.

Pediatric dentists understand that a positive experience is crucial for children. A lot of children might fear going to the dentist, so it is essential to go to a pediatric dentist who knows how to make kids comfortable in the dentist's chair. Pediatric dentists use various techniques to make kids feel at ease:

•  Child-Friendly Environment: Pediatric dental offices are designed with colorful decor, toys, and friendly staff to create a welcoming atmosphere.

•  Gentle Approach: Pediatric dentists are trained to speak and communicate with kids with patience and a gentle touch, easing any fears or anxiety.

•  Effective Communication: Kids' dentists explain procedures in a child-friendly way, ensuring your kids understand what's happening throughout their dental appointments.

•  Dental Cleaning for Kids: During cleanings, they use child-sized instruments and provide a pain-free, comfortable experience.

•  Positive Reinforcement: Pediatric dentists and their team encourage good oral hygiene habits with positive reinforcement and rewards.

Try Our Kids' Dentist Here at Harper Dental

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to keeping your child's smile healthy and ensuring their dental experiences are as pleasant as possible. Regular check-ups, dental cleanings for kids, and other essential services are provided with care and consideration, making the dental visit a positive and educational experience for your child. Call us now at (479) 431-0280 to schedule your child's appointment with Dr. Mitchell Harper, DDS.

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