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Fort Smith, AR

Dental assistant assisting with CEREC technology.Our service here at Harper Dental includes professional CEREC Crown construction and fitting. We provide high-tech CEREC Crown molding and fixing to enable a more permanent and natural look to last for years. CEREC crowns use an advanced digital mapping tech which utilizes Computer-aided design (CAD) with Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). These aid in the engineering of a detailed and perfectly fitting crown. CEREC will be recommended as a restorative dental service to rebuild teeth that may have been extracted due to abnormality, oral damage, multiple fillings, decay, infection, and other causes.

CEREC crowns are made of a high-end ceramic and are fabricated through a digitally enabled system. This system aids with the proper diagnosis of the space to be filled. It also accurately maps the shape, size, and physical characteristics of the former teeth to attain a perfect fitting and color blend. Unlike the traditional dental crowns, CEREC doesn't require any form of metal and enables a more natural look.

CEREC Crown Process

We conduct an extensive oral exam along with a digital x-ray to determine the state of the spacing and to determine the necessity of a crown. A high-resolution intraoral digital camera is used to capture exact characteristics and impressions of the tooth. After an exact image has been taken, the CEREC software is used in crafting an exact graphic model. We then use this graphic model in constructing the full replica. This replica is transferred to a milling device which manufactures a physical duplicate of the graphic model utilizing a plaque resistant, high-end ceramic material in a very short period.

As soon as the restoration crown is ready, our experts will place the crown with specialized adjustment techniques to perfect fitting, no-push and pull, no-hassle. The whole process can be done in one visit to our specialist facility.

We advise opting for CEREC crown placements as they give you a more natural look and smile. It replicates your dental structure perfectly and is made of sturdy plaque-resistant material to avoid the accumulation of debris. There is a need to cover up dislodged spacing as this could lead to storage of particles and subsequently cause decay, this is why CEREC Crown is advised as a first line of action.

The immediate restoration function of the CEREC Crown is most convenient as teeth contribute significantly to chewing patterns as well as speech. CEREC ensures that you get a quick authentic solution with no hassle.

Maintenance of CEREC Crowns

These crowns are easy to maintain, requiring regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day to maintain their color. You will need check-ins with us for cleanings and examinations. CEREC crowns give our patients a durable smile and perfect fitting to bring back their confidence and improve dental functions. Make a date with us today, and let's give you an option that will be perfect for you.

For further information about our dental exams, booking schedules and CEREC crown processes, call our team Harper Dental at (479) 431-0280 today!
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